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Terms of Use

Revision: Nov 11, 2018

SOFT PRODUCTS. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") shall provide services to you (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") based on the following online shopping terms of use (" Will be provided. When you purchase goods through this site (defined in Article 1) Other When using this site, we will assume that you have agreed to these terms, so be sure to read this agreement.


Article 1 (Definition of this site)

"This site" means the shopping site " or" operated by the Company on the Internet.


Article 2 (Establishment of Contract)

  1. In case customer wishes to purchase goods, we shall order and order purchase of goods in accordance with the method specified by our company
  2. When the customer's application is approved, The sales contract with us will be established when you press the "Confirm Order" button on this site, regardless of the payment method and delivery method of the customer selected item.


Article 3 (Settlement method · Delivery method)

  1. The method of payment for product purchase price can be paid by credit card or cash on delivery. Furthermore, shipping fee of products and cash on delivery fee will be borne by the customer.
  2. The settlement method determined by the customer on the order screen can not be changed after the sales contract of Article 2 is established.
  3. Please use the credit card payment after confirming the following.
    1. The customer shall pay the purchase fee, etc based on the credit card company's membership agreement with the credit card issued by the credit card company approved by the company.
    2. The name of the applicant to the Company and the holder of the credit card must be the same.
    3. In the event of a dispute between the customer and the credit card company, etc., both parties concerned shall resolve and the Company will not be held liable for damages etc.

<About use of overseas issued credit card>

SOFT PRODUCTS stops handling of overseas issued credit card (VISA · MASTER) for a certain period in order to prevent unauthorized use.


Article 4 (Selling price)

  1. The displayed price of this site is the selling price at the time when the display starts and may be subject to change. In the case that the price is changed, the price after change is applied only to the transaction after the change, so please note that we will not make any compensation, discount etc for the transaction before change.
  2. We have paid close attention to the price of the listed products, but due to human error, the price on mail-order service may differ from the actual selling price. In that case, we will contact the regular price after ordering in the contact method which we think is appropriate, we will confirm the purchase intention, or we will cancel the order from the company, again new We will take measures such as ordering.


Article 5 (Maximum purchase amount / quantity) If

you wish to purchase items, the maximum purchase amount shall be within 90,000 yen (tax excluded) per order.


Article 6 (Return / Exchange)

  1. In principle, returns or exchanges of goods are not accepted. However, if it is a commodity purchased at this site, if the commodity is damaged / dirty, or only when the item / number which differs from the item / number ordered arrived, returned or exchanged will be accepted .
  2. If return or exchange of goods is required based on the proviso of the preceding paragraph, please return the item in the same state as it was received. For set items, we will only accept returns or exchanges with the shape of the set product as it is.
  3. Please understand that we may not be able to prepare due to limited quantity, even if we purchase limited items and wish to exchange for reasons based on the preceding two paragraphs.
  4. Returns or exchanges pursuant to the preceding article are limited within ten (10) days after receipt of the item (hereinafter referred to as the "return period"). Please confirm the state of goods promptly after arrival of goods. However, even within the above-mentioned return period, we are unable to respond to returned / exchanged at all for products that have been opened or used, and damaged or soiled due to customer's responsibility.
  5. Please note that if the item is returned, contrary to the previous clause, we will return the item to the destination at your expense or discard it.
  6. Paragraph 1 If returns or exchange of goods are required based on the proviso, please be sure to notify the "inquiry window" and return it to the prescribed "returned goods".


[Inquiries window · Returns address]


Article 7 Relocation of Ownership and Risk of Danger

All goods purchased on this site are delivered to the customer in accordance with the contract concerning delivery, regardless of the payment method and delivery method selected by the customer, the delivery company delivers the goods to the customer. At the time of the loss, the risk of loss and ownership of the item concerning the loss shall be transferred to the customer.


Article 8 (Matters to be Released)

In the event that the customer falls under any of the following acts, the Company shall be able to cancel the sales contract with the customer and take other appropriate measures without notifying the customer in advance , Even if it causes damage to the customer, we are not responsible at all.

  1. Even though we asked for deliveries to the delivery place specified at the time of ordering, the destination is unknown, long-term absentee In the situation where the delivery can not be completed, such as when it is returned to us from the shipping company. At this time, if the settlement method is a credit card, our company shall be exempted by refunding the amount deducted from the price of goods to the specified account.
  2. In the event that a notice to the effect that the credit card company designated by the customer is notified of the card credit failure
  3. When circumstances that the customer's payment ability is deemed to be compromised are found
  4. For each item ordered from the customer When there is no stock and can not be delivered easily
  5. Others When we violate any of the regulations stipulated by our company


Article 9 (Disclaimer)

  1. We do not warrant about the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of price indication, product description, or other content information posted on this site related to this service.
  2. With regard to the warranty of the product purchased by you through the services of this site, unless otherwise specified, it shall conform to the contents of the attached warranty certificate.
  3. Even if payment with credit card is selected, if the credit card that the customer offered to use was notified by the same credit card company that the credit card company was invalid, if the person who applied for is not the customer himself / herself In case of suspicion, in case other obvious suspicious points are seen in the usage situation of other cards etc, we may refuse your order and cancel your order. We are not responsible for any damage caused by or caused by it.
  4. In the event that it is necessary for periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system, it is deemed necessary if the system becomes difficult to operate due to fire, power outage, interference by a third party or other reasons forcefully impossible to the Company, If you do, there may be a delay, change, temporary or intermittent interruption in this service, or the service may be suspended or abolished, but the user or a third party arising out of or related to it We do not assume any responsibility for damage of.
  5. Although we use SSL encryption technology (encryption technology on the Internet recommended by credit card company) on the screen for entering personal information on this site, its safety is guaranteed by our company There is none. We shall not be liable for any damage caused by ourselves without error.
  6. In the event that you give damages to other customers or third parties by using this service, the customer resolves in their own responsibilities and expenses, and any damage to our company Shall not be given.


Article 10 (Intellectual Property Rights)

  1. Content including texts, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, data edited on data, software, etc. contained on this site, (Including but not limited to copyright, trademark right, design right, know-how, etc.) belonging to the Company or the content provider , It is protected by related domestic and foreign laws.
  2. We may prohibit acts beyond your personal use regarding these information and images provided to us (copying, publishing, transferring, reprinting without permission, etc.) may infringe intellectual property rights I will.


Article 11 (Matters to be observed) When

you use this site, you must observe the following matters. In the event of a violation, we will take measures such as suspension of use of this site, so please understand.

  1. To use this website and related programs in accordance with these Terms and other methods specified by the Company
  2. Use this Service to conduct criminal acts or acts that cause damage to the Company and third parties is not performed
  3. or provide benefits to antisocial forces, it is not the fact that building a rapport, or no business relations with antisocial forces


Article 12 (Personal information)

We will use appropriate personal information and strict safety control for your personal information based on our Privacy Policy. Please see "Privacy Policy" for details.


Article 13 ( Changes to the Terms )

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. In addition, when this agreement is changed after the product application procedure, the contract at the time of application shall be applied.


Article 14 (Receipt)

  1. We can not reissue the receipt for any reason.
  2. Credit card payment: The statement enclosed with the product is an invoice and receipt.
  3. For cash on delivery: Invoice cash on delivery amount receipt will be stuck on the packing material.


Article 15 (Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction)

  1. Regarding this Agreement, Japanese law shall be governed by applicable law.
  2. In the event that there is a dispute with this site or this agreement between you and us, we will make the Tokyo District Court a special exclusive jurisdiction.
<Annexes> This agreement shall be implemented from July 22, 2015.